Programme Notes – Adrenaline City (2006)

Adrenaline City is a six-and-a-half-minute concert overture, inspired by both the stress and vibrancy of twenty-first century city life. It is in sonata form and is notable for a time signature in 10/8. The harsh and dissonant opening passage is contrasted by a mellow second subject theme in the saxophones. The percussion come to the fore in the middle section, and at the close of the work the harmonic tension reaches an exhilarating breaking point before resolving on the tonal centre of A.

I am deeply indebted to Steve Grimo of the US Air Force Academy Band for getting this project together. The bands involved in the commissioning of Adrenaline City include
The USAF Academy Band, Lt Col Steven Grimo, Commander
The US Military Academy Band, LTC Timothy J. Holtan, Commander
USAF Band of Flight, Lt Col Alan Sierichs, Commander
USAF Band of Liberty, Lt Col Larry Lang, Commander
USAF Heritage of America Band, Maj Douglas Monroe, Commander
USAF Band of the Golden West, Capt Michael Mench, Commander
USAF Band of Mid America, Capt Donald Schofield, Commander